Skating Into The Sunset
20 February 2007

Sky News Lunchtime Live presenter Kay Burley was one of the celebrity competitors in ITV's Dancing On Ice. On Saturday night her army of fans watched in horror as cameras showed her fall again on the ice - and ended up leaving the competition after scoring poorly with the judges...

This is her final blog.


Hello again everybody,

Well, it was quite an experience. A life changing, did all that really happen to me and in such a short space of time, experience. I enjoyed almost every moment of it.

High points would include “I can’t believe it’s not butter lifts” and low points would certainly count as vomiting in a bucket in front of my fellow contestants and being knocked out after slamming face first into the ice, literally at break neck speed.

It all started in October when I first stepped onto the ice with World and Olympic Champions Torvill and Dean.

Four months that have seen me drag myself out of my bed at 4 30 each morning in order to be on the ice by 6am. Then train for three hours before heading off to my day job. Followed by another couple of hours on the ice after that.

I learned many things. Not least how to skate backwards; body positions for high lifts and the most important, how to stop on ice. I also learned that being competent at the steps doesn’t make you a good skater.

It’s the tricks and the performance that count and I was average at one and hopeless at the other.

No middle aged woman should be high above the ice standing on one leg in a “flambo position with attitude” spinning one way and then the other while trying to balance for dear life.

But I was. And I was doing it not just to prove I could, but for my mum and for Macmillan nurses who allowed her to die with dignity and self respect at the tender age of just 59.

I am still black and blue and as I write my body is seizing and cramping in places I didn’t realise I had until a few months ago. But you know what? I did it and I was so glad I did.

The support from the crew during rehearsals and the cheers from the audience at show time were magical. Your regular blogs were an inspiration.

My friends at Slough Ice Rink minted me a gold medal telling me I was their number one and I would often end a training session proud of what I had achieved that day.

I made it through to midway in the competition. I was one of the Magnificent Seven, nicknamed The Comeback Kid. But. I was drinking in the last chance saloon and on Saturday it was time to go.

The legendary Robin Cousins said I would be remembered in the competition not as the one who fell but as the one who wouldn’t quit.

And now it’s over what have I learned? Well I have learned that I CAN even when I think I can’t.

Three words then to describe my experience. Not “celebrity ice dancer” but “brave and dignified.”

I’m happy with that.

Thank you for all your support over the past few weeks.

Kay B

Written by Eyewitness, 20 February 2007


Fantastic efforts Kay, from someone who took lessons 20 years ago and could barely manage to skate backwards.

If I ever get to meet jason, i'll slam his head into a lamppost for you,
Lots of luck, your freind who walked into a wall Josh


You were so brave and courageous and I admire you for that. I have got to admit I was relieved you went out last week as I did not want you suffering any more.

Well done YOU! xx

Hope ypur back on Lunchtime live soon Kay, I miss you

Jeff X

hi my dearest and very brave Kay, well it's not how you did it but it's ' what you did'' and you did just GREAT, me and my daughter were in teares last week after seeing you fell just before the show, BUT, you are as such brave lady you went out and did us all proud, that show's not the same without you anymore, but am sure your mum's so very proud of you as much as we are, well done for all your hard work, look forward to your next challange.


Hey Kay,
I wished that you'd win, but that didn't come true
But you did yourself justice, and you kept getting through
Now all that's left is to kick up your feet
And rest all those broken ribs for a few more weeks
You've made us all happy, you've made your mother proud
And all you should listen to is what we shout out loud
"Kay, you're a legend, you tried your best"
And in all our opinions, you should win a crest!

Hi Kay
I´m very sorry to see that you´re not in the competiion, however after what you have been through, your preformance has been very good.
It isn´t strange that you´ve been feeling frikky at all after what has happened.

Kay you maybe isn´t any queen of the Ice or something simular I heard you said the other day, however you have shown here that even though you haven´t been on the Ice before it could be a really good Ice dancer.
I´ve watch your tutors many times and you´ve been having the best tutors and I really like to watch Ice skating when the big names is Ice skating and even you Kay.
This preformance you have shown is really contemplated and your outfit.
Best Regards


A superb performance and effort throughout and well done for getting so far and for even taking part.You looked superb on skates.


Hi KayB. Well, you've been there, done that, and got the tea shirt to prove it. Bravo!
Now, what's next? Best do as Dennis(Herts) suggests until say, menopause, then you might evolve into Maggie T # 2.
Segolene probably won't make it in France; you might in the UK. Imagine: Lord Kay!
Good luck honey.

Kay, you were robbed on Saturday, the judges were very very unfair in their scores, so sorry you will no longer be in the show, I personally prefer to watch the absolute novice progress rather than the more accomplished dancers and performers. Your generous donation to the McMillan charity will be very well received, they have assisted a close family member of mine in the past and those nurses are worth their weight in gold. Please give best regards to Fred and wish him well, he didnt get the coverage or credit he deserved and hopefully he will return next year.

Maginificient Seven, RTS Award just about sums it, wont you agree Jason?

Kay, thanks for giving us the chance to say good bye after what has been an emotional week for you. Alas the end came a little too soon than any of us wanted.

Compared to some other reality shows on this year this was a pleasure to watch because of the uplifting nature of the competition. You’ve been such a positive participant and an inspiration to those watching the show and reading your diary on the net.
I thought you handled the injuries and rebuffed the unfair criticisms so well. I don’t think anyone else on the show has come close to the way you kept going without making a fuss and overcame the different problems that came at you.

I hope that whatever positives you have acquired from this experience you take them away with you to enhance the rest of your year in your work and elsewhere.

All the best Kay and once again thank you

Stella K

Kay, I tell my son who is 4.5 years old about a person every night before he goes to bed. These people are an inspiration for many different reasons, the likes of Alexander Bell, James Dyson, Mother Theresa, Rodger Bannister,Ellen MacArther and tonight, I shall tell him a story about your ice dancing adventure and what it means to have heart, determination, and a winning attitude. Enjoy half term!

sorry to see you voted off dancing on ice,but-knowing what great work mccmillan nurses do day in day out as both my parents had cancer and mccmillan nurses regularly visited them when they were still with us,hopefully your fantastic donation will make a lot more people aware of mccmillan and what they do!,will be glad to see you back on sky when you are fit and well

Well done Kay!

Well done Kay! You demonstrated true grit and determination. I am 44 myself and got aches and pains just watching you! 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going', and you really inspired a lot of people I think, to get off their backsides and to try something different.

I shall miss watching you during the rest of the show.

I have mixed feelings about you being knocked out of the competition last Saturday. Firstly, I liked you, and for your determination and bravery I would have liked to see you stay, however, I am glad that you will not suffer any more injuries !! Thank you for providing unmissable TV on a Saturday evening, and you will surely be missed throughout the rest of the show. I was in tears when you told us about your mother and the MacMillan Nurses, and it just confirmed what a lovely person you really are. Hope you recover quickly from all your knocks and scrapes !! xx

Well done Kay, we admire your stamina and determination, particularly after all your injuries. You must be proud of yourself, as everyone else is!! XX

WELL DONE KAY in this age of a Cotton Wool society you were a fine example of someone who was willing to take the knocks too many people just opt out when the going gets tough, and expect someone else to bail them out but you stuck at it,I am sure if more people followed your example the world would be a better place,the one thing you have earned is respect ! a word a bit thin on the ground I'm afraid, but for now make the most of you injuries, I think you should be able to swing "breakfast in bed" "all the house work" done "Dogs taken for walk" try and make it last until the family twig you are ok! six months should do it,only joking Kay you are the greatest KEEP SAFE.

thank you Kay for being such an inspiration! However, I am relieved you are no longer in it as I could not stand another Saturday, my daughter and I watching from between our fingers, say "dont drop her, please dont drop her"! We no longer have to vote and can relax and watch without worrying! I hope you recover soon and I am sure your mom would be so proud of you.

hey kay i am so sad to see you go i wish you didnt because you didnt deserve to go at all, i was nearly crying because i didnt want to see you go at all it was such a shock and to say i voted i wouldnt have thought you are here saying youre goodbyes to your fans lol! well you did everyone proud and especially your mum she would have been looking down on you and proud of what you have done!! so well done! i want that pink dress hehe its lovely!! well good luck for the near future
becky xx

Hi Kay

Im really sorry you didn't go any further. you desrved to win the competition for guts and bravery alone. To go out and skate the way you did on Saturday only a hour after a bed fall says it all about the type of person you are, I just wanted to give you a big cuddle. my high
light was when you knocked out Ulrika, I thought it was you best performance of the competition that night and it was a traversty that you were in the dance off, at least justice was done. I am a ballroom dancer and if I ever get good enough to go on strictly come danceing I would love you to be my partner, wouldn't that be fantastic!
Congratulations on getting so far, looking foreward to seeing you back on lunchtime live after your well erned break.

Take care


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