Democrats Play Out TV 'Bore Draw'
27 February 2008

350democrats By Jeff Coryell (aka. Yellow Dog Sammy), US political blogger

Everyone pretty much expected Hillary Clinton to march into that debate and clobber Obama.

She practically promised as much. But then, she couldn't really do that, could she? So she compromised, dropping down about six notches from righteous indignation to petty annoyance.

And it didn't really work. Although she called Obama's tactics "disturbing" and referred to his campaign mailers several times as "inaccurate" and "misleading,' her fusillade appeared to inflict no real damage and soon subsided.

Surely it was disappointing to her chanting, cheering, sign-waving supporters out in the snowstorm, or would have been if they had heard her say it.

The supporters of the two candidates weren't deterred in the least by the storm that arrived in the hours before the event, the worst such storm we've had this winter so far.

They trudged through the icy slush and took up their station along Prospect Avenue, chanting and hollering and trying to elicit responses from the passing cars. (A big dump truck honked to the Clinton supporters while I was nearby, and a city bus seemed to slow as it turned the corner so that the passengers could rap on the windows and wave to the Obama people.)

View From The Press Room

Rival supporters make themselves heard.

One woman told me that she had come down from Michigan, in part because the delegates from that state would not be counted, a sanction imposed when Michigan party officials moved their primary to an unauthorised early date.

Inside, attendees who had paid thousands of dollars for packages that included a VIP reception were probably dissappointed as well. Both candidates had a detailed grasp of health care policy, spouting statistics and studies as they dissected each other's proposals.

But it was, in a word, tedious. A fellow blogger who spent the first half hour of the debate in the general audience returned to the media room to announce that the whole affair was boring.

Certainly Clinton did not do well with her attempt at humour. The hundreds of reporters in the media room groaned and booed when she complained about always getting the first question and made a reference to a TV comedy skit.

I don't think either side got quite what they wanted. The Clinton camp wanted some vengeance for the unfair treatment they feel she has received from the press and from her adversary.

Obama's people wanted him to soar to the inspirational heights of the speeches he gives at his rallies. Instead the contest turned into a long slog of wrangling and policy disputes.

They were both competent, they displayed their respective strengths well enough, but there was no decisive moment and no clear advantage to either.

In the spin room afterward, Clinton's biggest supporter in Ohio, Governor Ted Strickland, sounded almost plaintive in his defence of her performance.

She made important points to which people should pay more attention, he said, and she shouldn't be blamed by association for something that her husband did while president (that is, the much maligned North American Free Trade Treaty).

Sparse praise for a candidate who clearly needed a knockout blow to turn around her sagging fortunes in this race.

Written by Eyewitness, 27 February 2008


Hillary reminds me of my first wife and my mother-in-law in a pants suit. Not a pretty picture!
She should pack it in and admit she is in over her head. A graceful withdrawl now would be much better than a resounding defeat.

[Objection-Shakira] I dont know why politicians try to be comedians as their jokes would have to be politically correct.Any way, why can't you sent the deaf teacher to prison? Becasue you cant condemn someone without a hearing!

The strategy adopted by Obama was not good in the first place that is the reason for the chenge of Clinton's chenge of strategy and Obama is paying for it.

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