The Romanian Aiming For UK Eurovision Glory
29 February 2008

Blogsimonanew This weekend the competition to find the UK's entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest gets under way. One of the six contestants hoping to represent the UK is a bit different - she's Romanian. Here Simona Armstrong tells Sky News Online why she would be proud to fly the flag for her adopted country.

My name is Simona Armstrong. I'm originally from Romania but I've been living in the UK now for over six years.

I first came to this country to have a second opinion on a skin condition doctors in Romania diagnosed as cancer. However, luckily for me, it wasn't and I was cured within several months by herbal remedies from Napiers in Scotland.

From then on I have been living here trying to pursue my acting and singing career, again I count myself lucky and have had several roles in TV productions.

Then a great break into musical theatre came along when I found myself passing several auditions to appear in Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit TV show How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria.

The response I got from the British public was overwhelming, I'm extremely grateful for that and although I'm Romanian I very much regard the UK as my home.

This Saturday is the UK's qualifying show for the Eurovision song contest.

Once again I will find myself competing against other contestants, this time for the chance to represent this nation in Eurovision.

I love Eurovision and I think the UK is in with a good chance this year as the songs and artists are all very good.

Some people say "But you're Romanian, you can't represent the UK".

But if I do happen to win I won't be the first foreigner to represent Britain and knowing this great country I'm sure I won't be the last.

The other contestants are Michelle Gayle, Rob McVeigh, Andy Abraham, LoveShy and The Revelations. Eurovision: Your Decision is on BBC1 on Saturday at 7pm.

Written by Eyewitness, 29 February 2008


hold on a Romanian this is england get an english person this country is going mad mad mad for god sake there must be an english artist willing to sing in this erm show

I dont want a Romanian representing my country, thanks! Its ridiculous.

If you do really think that representing the Uk would do you any favour notwithstanding the abundance of talents the country possess why not go back home to represent your native country where locals abound, who knows , you might be the luckiest of all contestants.

I remember you from maria show you were very good i was wondering wot happended to you? All the best on Saturday having a eastern european represent britain may at least get us some points? and about time too.

My name is not [Amy Winehouse] and I love [Back To Black]

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