Hillary Is Too Strong In Ohio
04 March 2008

Senatorhillaryclinton By Dave, Republican blogger from Ohio

Last-minute reshuffling makes it appear that Hillary might just tough out this election in Ohio, in fact it feels like New Hampshire all over again, when all the hype was focused on Obama, and by the early evening it was clear that Hillary was going to win the day.

The same dynamic is going to happen tonight. According to Quinnipiac and the local Ohio Poll, Hillary remains in the lead by a 5 to 9-point margin. She is just too strong in Northeast Ohio (Cleveland) and Southeast Ohio which is largely rural and Appalachian. Think coal miners of West Virginia and you’ll have a good picture.

Obama remains strong in Southwest Ohio, which is the most Republican area of the state, so unfortunately for him, there won’t be as many voters to counteract Hillary’s strength in Ohio.

I’ve got a report in from Hamilton County from a longtime Republican who thought about it, but couldn’t quite go over to help Hillary out.

There’s been some talk about Republicans voting Democratic in order to run against Hillary as they see her as the weaker candidate in November.

In the end though, most Republican voters will vote on the Republican ticket. My friend ended up voting for Fred Thompson as a protest vote, and I may end up doing the same.

McCain may have won the nomination in all practical effect, but he has not won the hearts and minds of Republican voters.

Written by Eyewitness, 04 March 2008


That is very presumptive of you to think that the election is already done. Has the last decade or so not taught you that the status qou is a dead end to unpopular policies?
It's like watching a mummy dragging her crying child, who is also throwing a tantrum and saying'I don't want to go to school', and mummy shouting back with 'you must do this, stop questioning me?
Aren't people tired of the politicians telling them that they (the politicians) know best, and that people should do as they are told?
Perhaps people fear that 'We can change' is a real concept and a real challenge not just in voting for a woman or a black man, but a challenge for themselves to open their eyes and be open to looking into themselves and question their own prejudices and opinions whilst riding in this new climate of the new and the unchallenged.

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