Why McCain Has Already Won the US Election
08 March 2008

By Mel Graykin, New Hampshire Voter, Writer And Blogger

I observe with amusement that your man in Washington, Jon-Christopher Bua, is still treating this as if it were really an election, as if there were really some doubts as to the results.  Heck, doesn't he know that it was decided already long ago?  This is just a block-buster entertainment spectacle, the kind Americans are known for.  McCain will be the next president of the United States.  It was rather predictable, given the field of candidates.  For all the talk of Change, pick the one least likely to upset the status quo and put your money on him.

The Democratic strategy has been pretty clear; they've narrowed it down to two candidates who are unelectable.  Makes it fun for the Progressives (and scares the pants off Conservatives) to think that we might actually elect a black man or a woman (or both, if you heed the rumor that one might choose the other for a running mate). 

But of course it won't happen.  When push comes to shoveling mud, the opposition will play on the basic dark fears of the American People "You don't really think a woman could be trusted with the most powerful office in the land?" and "Should the United States be represented by someone of Black Moslem heritage?") and of course, prejudice will prevail.  The way it's looking now, Obama is likely to be the anointed one for the Democrats.  An easy defeat; can you conceive of a US president without a thoroughly Anglo name?

There's big money in War, and the folks who backed Bush are turning a tidy profit in Iraq.  They aren't anxious for us to get out, and McCain has already said he'll keep us there 'til Doomsday if necessary.  That won him the election right there.  Never mind that the vast majority of Americans want out.  They'll vote as they are told, and if they don't, Diebold will just fiddle with the numbers until the totals come out right.  Corporate Republicans will keep control of the White House, and the gravy train will just keep on rolling.

Any chance the United Nations could intervene one of these days and oversee American elections?  It would be nice to actually get back to free and fair, like they have in other countries. 

By the way, one of my favorite news sources, The Onion, ran an absolutely marvelous piece on Diebold (you know, the electronic voting machine people) accidentally releasing the results of the 2008 election prematurely.  In the best spirit of black humor, it is horribly funny because of its grim proximity to truth.

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early


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Written by Eyewitness, 08 March 2008


Too bad there couldn't have been better dirt digging earlier. Back when there were more viable canidates still in the running. Never trust the campaigne that has the most money, because to get that money they probably did something shady.

As for Obama and Clinton dividing the democratic vote. Ludricrous since only one will be on the ticket. Any dirt either of them is dredging up now most certainly would have been dregded up by McCain's people later on.

McCain only got the republic nomination because Huckabee and Romney divided up the conservative vote in the primaries.

As for the remaining three Canidates, Obama, Clinton, and McCain. I'm a fan of any of them and hope that they at least pick decent running mates.

The idea of that uncouth, volatile nutcase as "Leader of the free world" as Americans like to style their president, sends a chill right through me. The prospect of an American President who displays such a tenuous grip on his temper, and who likes to make jokes about the countries he is going to bomb, should scare the pants of everyone.

Better than reality!

I dont see what the problem is with electing a madam president? if it was a man, what would you say then. You focus on the gender but not on what she has to offer your country. Finding fault is easy. If you wanted to find fault with the women you could say that Hilary is possibly using her surname as a shield, which is no way to win an election.
I know full well the UK is no where near being perfect but the fact the Margret Thatcher was one of the finest priministers of many generations and who I feel met, if not exceeded, public hopes.
Maybe the USA should look at why they consider their next president on racial, age or gender aspects and not on who is best for the job. Your country is the most powerful and influential piece of land on the earth. I hope you choose well.


good article from someone in the know, but when you lot are voting your president you should also consider the mess said president makes in the rest of the world, what you say about a madam president or a black one with muslim background is true, as a european who listens to european newscasts, Obama is already being misread as Osama, who has no international experience, and maybe europe is not ready to accept a coloured usa president, but a madam president would be accepted, over here females have been leaders for years.
Elisabeth Italy

As per what seems like every presidential election, the democrats are now starting to live up to their well earned saying: "If the democrats formed a firing squad, they'd stand in a circle."

While McCain is not our most favorite son, we republicans are now quietly sitting back and watching Clinton and Obama destroy themselves, their party and their chances. In ripping each other apart, they're doing our dirty work for us. Particularly Hillary.

The Clinton's scorched earth policy of doing whatever it takes to win, will hurt the the already factionalized democrats for a long time, particularly between black and hispanic voters. The growing divisions created by the Clintons between these two demographics are so wide the republicans can drive a truck through and pick up voters along the way.

If the democrat's never ending whining about how republicans seem to rig and steal every election is true, then we republicans need to study how the Clintons are trying to steal super-delegates from Obama.

Great blog! I've added you to my blogroll. Keep up the good work!


McCain has a lnog way to go before he has won the election. The south have not totally support his stance on gun law either.

Well, McCain is still old. He could die before getting to office. Heck, he could already be dead and it's all just an illusion.

But on the other hand he may turn out to be a [Loser] like [Beck]! Happy Retirement

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