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02 April 2008

'Hope', a Zimbabwean blogger who has written for the Sky News Eyewitness blog in the past, has a new message for Robert Mugabe:


He has been unwelcome for so many years now, and he has always known that he has lost previous elections. This time it is different.

He can’t stand in front of us and tell us how popular and wanted he is, daring us to say different, with us silenced and only knowing by the proof that is in ours hearts and bodies that he is a liar.

This time, as one newspaper report put it, ‘the writing is on the wall’: in every little nook and cranny of our lovely country, ordinary people, rich and poor, saw with their own eyes that Mugabe and his band of thugs was finished.

Try to stand before me now, Mr Mugabe, and tell me how much the nation wants you!

Now I can smile to your face and tell you that you are deluded, a liar and the worst kind of thief. A man who through selfishness and complete arrogance will hang on to a figment of his own imagination that he is respected and wanted and admired, and in so doing impose the worse kind of suffering on an entire nation of people.

We could have said all this to Mugabe before, but he would have looked at us in that smug, self-centered, challenging manner he has, with a smirk that says ‘prove it’!

Well, now we can. You are not popular, Mr Mugabe. You haven’t been for a very long time.

Being able to prove it, however, doesn’t make it true at last; it merely confirms what we all have known - you included - for years and years and years. What it means is that you have to find a way to accommodate within yourself the enormity of the realisation that we, as a nation, have been filled with disgust and despair at you for years.

You are not adored. Mr Mugabe. Move on and allow us to breathe again. Your presence in power suffocates our future and ruins our lives.

It may surprise people to know that a person like me, who has worked against this man for so many years, actually spends very little time thinking about the man that Mugabe is.

My thoughts, and I know the thoughts of my colleagues, have always been leaden with the weight of the knowledge of how much the people in Zimbabwe are suffering. How deep their pain is; how ingenious and incredible they are in their ability to keep surviving despite the odds against them; and how tragically and bitterly isolated they have been for so many years in their grief and hardship, shut off from the world and seeingly abandoned to a fearful future. Forgotten.

I have not been motivated by hate for Robert Mugabe; I have been motivated by the deepest compassion for my fellow human beings.

I am endlessly overwhelmed by Zimbabwean people, and my bond has grown immeasurably through the last few years. How can I do anything except admire the fortitude of human beings who can always find a bit of dry humour in a crisis, who toil in loneliness in foreign countries simply so they can send home money for elderly relatives and young siblings; who manage to stand apart from violence no matter how deep the provocation has been?

If I could be half as courageous or half as strong as the Zimbabwean people I encounter I would be such a rich person. Zimbabweans are amazing; and their quiet strength and dignity only makes Mugabe seem so much more abusive and cruel.

So I don’t usually think about Mugabe on a personal level at all: but today I have.

Find out more about Sokwanele, the Zimbabwe Civic Action Support Group, by clicking here

Written by Eyewitness, 02 April 2008


"Send" UN, human rights, and other observers into Zimbabwe to monitor the elections to see whether they are free and fair? This appears to be the best that can be done. Does anyone think for one moment that any of them will be allowed into the country.
Its possible that any observer will see submissive queues of frightened, intimidated and traumatised people at the polling booths
and this will be seen by the outside world to be free and fair. Its what is going on pre-election day that matters.
If the people vote against Mugabe they know they will reap the whirlwind - are they brave enough? May God help them.

Mugabe is a sick and twisted man with absolutely no regard for human life. The country has a way out but himself and senseless allies would rather cause chaos as the world stands and watches. Our own South African government has no backbone to do anything about it. I guess there is no oil, so what's up for the taking?

Mbeki's idea of mediating in Zim is to go and bat for Mugabe to keep MDC out.

This has exposed them for the treacherous liars they are. I trust the world has taken note.

I am very glad Tsvangerai has fired Mbeki he cannot be trusted.

For years prior to 1994, the world was subjected to an endless wailing from the exiled African National Congress of South Africa, urging principled action against Apartheid, in the name of democracy and non-racialism.
Would it be too much to expect similar principled action from the present ANC government against the undemocratic and racist regime in Zimbabwe?
The activities of Presidents Mugabe and Mbeke merely hint at some of the reasons why minority rule took root in Southern Africa in the first place.

Just read that Magabe is in talks with Mbeki after snubbing the talks with the rest of the African Nations, could this be something to do with the fact that they are related and he is trying to get family backing from South Africa??? No wonder Mbeki has not sung the same song as the rest of the world.

Firstly, congratulations to all Zimbabweans! Lets pray this era of unspeakable hardship is coming to an end. There is also a stark warning - I fear all we have done is poked a sleeping lion with a big stick.

Mugabe and his cronies are employing one of their best tactics – time, allowing people to get used to the idea and squashing any resistance, I believe the analogy goes something like this; put a frog in boiling water and it will jump out, put the frog in cold water and slowly boil it and it will boil to death. I think they are waiting for the media spotlight to shift before they claim victory and things will go on as usual.

I fear SADC will do nothing except say they are waiting for the result and MDC will no doubt make noise about this however ultimately MDC has to be seen to be following the rule of law. Mugabe and his henchmen have so much to loose by loosing power, they are all guilty of some crime or other and know the people will not rest till they are caught. Its almost reminiscent of the end of the Third Reich.

The question is this: With no help from the outside world what will Zimbabweans do to stop a North Korea style state?

Change is on the horizon, be patient zimbabwe your struggle to rid the mad man from power is near, I only hope that his replacement has the intelect to allow those with good intentions and more impotantly some intellegence to take controll of the businesses,farms and then allow time for the economy to rebuild and return to it's former glory of 30 years ago, I honestly beleive even the "indiginous population" would not argue this point, Zimbabwe is yet more proof that africa is not ready or able to govern herself

why is it that there has to be a genocide before anyone does anything. there is no doubt what is going to happen in zimbabwe, the peoples voice and freedom have been takin away, there is only one thing that is goint happen, the people of zimbabwe are going to rise and theres only going to be one out come,mugabe has all the guns and ammo to fight a war

Dear Fellow Zimbos, Mugabe stopped ruling Zimbabwe a long while ago. It is his greedy hangers-on that are ruling the failed economy and policies. They stand to lose their farms and the loot should there be a change of governance.

I therefore plead with you Zanu PF guys to consider generations to come. Material gain is your main motive, can you truly stomach another war and make our people suffer again? Please give it a serious thought Bruv Bob. Where you are going to is nearer than where you are coming from.

The MDC would have gained at least 10 more seats than it has won so far

Results of the parliamentary poll out so far show the extent of the damage caused by the MDC’s failure to stand united against Zanu PF. Had the leaders of the two factions led by Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara agreed to set aside personal differences, the MDC would have gained at least 10 more seats than it has won so far. This proved crucial in the final tally of votes, and could decide, ultimately, the final presidential vote count. In these constituencies, Zanu PF won only because the opposition vote had been split between the two factions, and in some cases between three MDC factions – two from the Tsvangirai faction and the other from the Mutambara group. In Mutoko North, a rural seat that could have been a major prize for the MDC, Zanu PF ’s Mabel Chinomona needed 6 922 to beat two Tsvangirai candidates and an independent, who polled a combined 7 251 votes.

Much of the impact of the division was felt in the Midlands. In Chirumhanzu, a rural constituency in the province, Zanu PF needed just 4 631 votes to beat three candidates, two under Tsvangirai’s party and the other from Mutambara, who got a combined 6 559 votes. Vungu went to Zanu PF, whose candidate won 4 287, beating three MDC candidates who each polled 2 518, 2 160 and 1023 votes. There were similar trends in Zvishavane Ngezi, where Zanu PF won 4 632, while two opposition candidates shared 6 919 votes. In Gokwe, Gokwe Kana and Chiwundura, all in the Midlands province, separate candidates also cost the MDC. In Chiwundura, Zanu PF won by a 544 margin after three MDC candidates and an independent shared a massive 7 339 losing votes, while Kizito Chivamba’s 5 864 votes were enough to deliver the seat to Zanu PF.

Mutare South also went to the ruling party, after its candidate, Fred Kanzama, polled 7 606 to beat the MDC–Tsvangirai’s Robert Saunyama and Sarah Gombakomba of the Mutambara faction, who polled combined 7 794. In Chikomba East, William Bango of Tsvangirai’s MDC lost by 30 votes. A UPP candidate got 241, deciding that election. The MDC will also be disappointed by the result in Lupane West, in a region that emphatically rejected Zanu PF in this election. Zanu PF needed just 3 311 to beat the two MDC candidates, who each got 2 005 and 3 044. Magunje went to Zanu PF as its candidate polled 4 587 against 4 264 and 1 609 for the opposition’s two candidates. Mazowe South, which had previously been called for Tsvangirai, went to Zanu PF after MDC–Tsvangirai got 4 052 and MDC–Mutambara won 1 401 votes. Zanu PF got 4 109.

Mugabe and his cronies are a real shame to themselves and their families. These guys should realise that they have reached the end of the line and the sun is coming out upon the nation of Zim. From my experience there is absolutely nothing one can do to avoid the sun from coming out. The ship Mugabe and his friends are on board is sinking. All this nonsense of fighting on are just the kicks of a dying horse.

Why did Zimbabweans for 28 years, fall for Robert Mugabe`s "liberation hero," and "The British will try to colonize us one day," rubbish? Other countries we once ruled, their leaders have never said such twaddle. Do you ever get the leaders of America, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, India, etc, saying those sort of things?

Mugabe and his military and police henchmen cannot be given a free ticket out they have much to answer for .The torture and murder they perpetuated is one thing but their manipulation of the economy, interest rates and currency rates that enabled them to cleverly rob the savings base of the country effectively stealing from pensioners and the whole population reducing them to poorper's has destroyed the lives of millions of Zimbabweans , white black and other - So called Black business people who aligned themselves to Zanu PF and profiteered and took over or stole farms, companies and businesses by intimidating owners and then borrowing funds from the Reserve Bank at 20 % interest rates in 100 000 % inflation and then paying back a fraction in real US$ terms due to enormous orchestrated Z$ currency devaluation's also need to be stripped of these assets. The new Government needs to nationalise all these industries, companies, houses and assets and then float them on the stock exchange and then take the funds raised and use them to recapitalise the pension funds and rebuild the farming and industrial sectors of Zimbabwe. Mugabe and all the Black and few white elite who have profiteered through the Mugabe regime at the expense of everyone else cannot be allowed to retain their ill gotten wealth they must account and be stripped of their privaledge. Change would never have come to Zimbabwe without Morgan and the MDC supporters, they have sacrificed enormously for all of us there are many heroes from this new Zimbabwe Cold War era from 1999 to now. If Morgan was not a true leader then why is he still the last man standing ? Why was he the only one who has been prepared to stand up all these years and be counted with millions hiding in fear behind him and in his shadow. He will receive the support he needs and the skills required to run the country !!! We will support him !! Can he do any worse than Mugabe ?

Mokoni is still Zanu PF and he stood by and watched what his party were doing to the country and its people he must account !!! We also do not need to dish out open tickets so others can come in under false pretence and attempt to rape the country during its recover either The situation should be managed allowing Zimbabweans and also allowing those with genuine intentions and requisite skills of any colour or nationality ie those who truly want to participate in the rehabilitation of the country, to be given fair open transparent and unbiased opportunities to progress in the country whilst also helping to rebuild it.

South Africa and its people as a whole has in many ways been extreemly good to many exiled Zimbabweans political or economic exiles - but unfortunately they have also in many cases exploited many of these Zimbabweans and have profiteered off their plight and desperate situations and abused them in their time of weakness and need. However we should always be grateful for the many and some of the exceptional South Africans Like Mr Paul Verryn of the Central Methodist Mission Johannesburg to whom many Zimbabweans owe their lives.

I read Hope's blog every day and the one this morning on their website had me in tears. I cannot even begin to think how tired and hungry our fellow Zim people are, but please do not give up now. The fight must begin, it needs to start from within and then the support will come from the outside. Hope you are an amazing person doing an amazing job

Don't want to sound pesimistic but I fear the worst - bloodbath :( As it usually happens in these situations... Zimbs should not let it happen!!!

I am married to a Zimbabwean and have a home there. Mugabe was a hero following independance. His first years in office were reasonable until about 10 years ago when a junta was formed with all the heads of Security forces and Military forces plus the Governer of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Since then, Magabe has become a figure head Puppet who Can't blow his nose without permission. May the will and wish of the wonderful people of Zimbabwe prevail. God bless them all.

mugabe has chased away many people from zimbabwe including myself and my family i have so much respect for morgan tsvangirai and mdc they finally gave zimbabweans their voices back.how can a 84 year old cling on to power he has destroyed a lot of people's lives he is a murderer HIS DAYS ARE NUMBERED HERE ON EARTH HE HAS TO FACE GOD

The tragedy of Zimbabwe will start to unfold as the sycophantic followers of Mugabe begin to realise that the position of privilege that they have enjoyed will be lost on the election of a representative government. In the short term the president’s supporters will in ignorance probably respond in the only manner they know - violence directed at the opposition. This approach is no longer sustainable and hopefully a future democratically elected government will prosecute all of these Mugabe supporters (including Mugabe) who have fostered and perpetrated violence against the ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe. Mugabe’s legacy will not be that of a “liberator,” but rather that of a “fascist dictator” who destroyed the country he purports to love. It is a sad fact that none of his supporters or any of the “Leaders” of neighbouring states has been able to exert their influence to stop this abuse of human rights. It makes one wonder if some of their own time in office will bear scrutiny. What is scary is that it is 2008 and the greed and depravity of the human race remains undiminished.

While we are now awaiting the final results, I have to put this question to you all: How is it possible that such a large number of people in Zim again voted for Mugabe and his Zanu Pf party after what they have experienced and suffered during the past?? Surely his supporters must have realised that any change would be a better one?
We in the RSA all want to see prosperity in Zim so that Zim refugees in South Africa can return to their country.

There are TWO main things that will make Mugabe step down even yesterday…. 1… He needs a strong assurance that Zimbabwe will never never be colonized again and that the land will not be given back to the white….. And number ..2… he need a strong assurance that Ndebeles will never be given a chance to lead the Government and will remain powerless. Anybody showing some signs of Wanting to empower ndebeles, this infuriate him. Mugabe fought for two things to liberate Zimbabwe and privilege shonas. ………. Sign committed agreement with Mugabe on these two issues he will not hesitate to step down believe me……

I really want Morgan to win, he deserves it. Only problem, we all know that Bob isnt gonna give up that easy. He has some evil plan........

Get real dear Mr Boulton!

What about electoral fraud in the UK ?

What is going on here in the UK is just as bad as Zimbabwe.

Yesterday British justice took no action after only half the votes in a Leicester by-election were counted and the result declared.

They said the near 5000 missing votes would have made no differance.

Voting fraud in the UK is rampant, and what's the bet we will get more of it come the Mayoral elections.

I will take a mobile video of my vote and advise eveyone to do the same we are living in a discusting corrupt banana republic.

So come on dear Mr Boulton and stand up for your own abused people!

My deepest darkest fear for Zim is that it it not over yet. I pray God it is, but MadBob is a megalomaniac and he will take the country and all its people down with him. I am praying so hard that he will just go, disappear, vapourise. But he is so crazy and this delay means he could be up to something and it won't be good. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY PRAY PRAY THAT THE ZIMBABWEANS WILL FINALLY BE FREE OF THIS MAD MAN.

I wish that Mugabe had resigned many years ago, and did what Julis Neyrere of Tanzania did - admit that he had ruined his country, allowed 'trade liberalization' stepped down, but supported the new Presidents and was held in great reverence, even after his death. Now I fear that Mugabe is too afraid to step down..... Lets hope that he has courage to do so, Zimbabwe is a wonderful country.

This Dictator needs to be brought to justice and locked up for a very long time for genocide crimes against the people of Zimbabwe. I really hope there is a bright future for these people and well done for standing up for your rights

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